Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Hey everyone, I feel as if I have been slacking lately but today I am going to take it upon myself to get back into the swing of things and post about something that I am sure you all will be interested in.I received my weekly issue of LOOK today..(which can I  just say is fabulous) and when I was reading through it during my lecture...(not recommended, guys!!) something caught my attention.

Benefit Makeup counters at Debenhams have teamed up together to raise money for the cancer charity 'Look Good Feel Better'.
Benefit have launched a campaign named 'Brow Arch March'... (basically the woman answer to 'Movember'), which is to raise funds for people who are possibly challenged by the visible side effects of cancer! What a great cause, right?

Want to get involved in this great event and get your eyebrows shaped and waxed for FREE (usually £11.50),while helping to raise money for charity? Well, the good news is over 50 Benefit stores across the UK are holding this event. You can't really turn this down. To find your local store just visit HERE and book your appointment!

I hope you all take up this great cause and I would love to hear if you do! Use the hashtag #Browarchmarch.

Kates xo

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